Murder Simulator

I’m pleased to announce the release of Murder Simulator! Download the game here or on itch.io Murder Simulator is a competitive local multiplayer game for 2-4 players, featuring tactical arcade action, an array of distinctive weapons, antigravity zones, and endless blood waterfalls.

Carpet Landscapes

I’ve always loved the terrain in games like Comanche: It has so much texture to it. At a distance it looks vivid and sharp. Up close, it looks like a sea of luminous rectangles. It looks strangely real and tactile. Over vacation I played with the idea a bit, and put together a test. Here […]

Typing with Hands

This simulator allows you to type with hands. It is aimed at people who don’t have hands, or those who wish to experience using someone else’s hands. (This also, I realize, doubles as a nail polish simulator). Press keys on your keyboard and the hands will type them. Hands made by Kim Moss. http://vacuumflowers.com/typing/

I usually spend most of my creative time making computer games, but recently I’ve been working on a board game. The game is about a group of adventurers navigating an unstable sorcerous labyrinth. During their journey they encounter strange beings, horrible monsters, and treachery most vile. The game focuses on player interaction. There is a […]


Today I cleaned up an older project of mine. You can see it here: Spores v.2 What’s happening is that randomly colored organisms reproduce and spread across the world. They are growing on top of an image which is invisible to us. The organisms which match the color of that invisible image best tend to […]

Two Small Games

Today I’m releasing the two small projects I started last weekend. Jam games have (for me at least) a way of getting out of control and turning into larger projects, voraciously consuming all in their path. There is still more I’d like to do with both of these, but it’s time for me to set […]

Against My Better Judgement

Against my better judgement I’ve decided to pack two game jams into my already crowded weekend: I am making games for both Ludum Dare and Klik of the Month. It should be fun if a bit hectic. For Klik of the Month, I’m planning to make something text based. At the Oakland Molyjam, I had […]


During the Game Development Conference in San Francisco this week, Anna Anthropy and I made a game together. It’s called DRINK. It pits a real person against a pretend person in a real drinking contest. The game had its maiden voyage two nights ago at the┬áNoisebridge hacker space. It was quite an ordeal. The computer […]

Klik of the Month 50 entry

A few of us here in Oakland regularly meet up for Klik of the Month. To anyone not familiar with it, it could be called a monthly two hour game jam. It would be more accurate, however, to describe it as an event where one frantically throws clip art and found images into a big […]