Klik of the Month 50 entry

A few of us here in Oakland regularly meet up for Klik of the Month. To anyone not familiar with it, it could be called a monthly two hour game jam. It would be more accurate, however, to describe it as an event where one frantically throws clip art and found images into a big pile, sprinkles on some glitter and a midi track or two, and then tries to convince one’s friends to play the result.

I used my two hours to cobble together a test of an idea involving a ray of light that freezes enemies. It’s more an exploration of an idea than a complete game. If I’d had more time, I’d have liked to try out the following:

  1. walls which cast fancy real time shadows, protecting enemies
  2. smarter enemies that use these shadows for shelter
  3. a limit on our turn rate
  4. slowing our character while the light is on

Play the game or download the source here:
Tidied up version
Original two hour version

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