The Perils of Refrigerator Delivery

For the last several weeks I’ve been making a new game. It doesn’t have a title yet; it is currently going by the catchy moniker “Untitled Dungeon Crawler.”

The game chronicles the adventures of a mild mannered refrigerator delivery truck driver who travels through a branching maze of parallel universes in order to get a signature on an order slip.

The game is a streamlined, fast paced romp through a mix of dungeons, cave systems, and outdoor areas. One notable feature of the game is that it can be freely toggled between real time and turn based play. The entire game can be played in either mode. The focus is on exploring, treasure hunting, levelling up, and eventually dying a grim and lonely death at the bottom of an uncharted black abyss and being remembered only by the high score table.

Development is going smoothly. It’s starting to feel like a game, albeit only a partially developed fetus of a game, at this point. The basic systems are mostly done. Right now I’m populating the game with new types of creatures and tinkering with map generation. I’ll post more about the creatures and environments in the near future.

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