Two Small Games

Today I’m releasing the two small projects I started last weekend. Jam games have (for me at least) a way of getting out of control and turning into larger projects, voraciously consuming all in their path. There is still more I’d like to do with both of these, but it’s time for me to set them aside and return to my main projects.

Seven Hours Pass

The first of these is a small text based game called “Seven Hours Pass”. I don’t usually spend much time writing, but I really enjoyed making this, and it reinforced my desire to do more writing in general. Unfortunately I can’t describe the game in detail without saying things which should remain unsaid. You can play it for yourself here:
Play Online – Seven Hours Pass v. 1.0

Untitled City Game

The second of these is a building game. You can’t directly create people, but you can place houses, farms, and supply lines. Make whatever you like: sparse rural areas, small towns, a huge city with roads and skyscrapers. The people reproduce freely, and will populate your creation at whatever density it can sustain.

I spent the better part of this week guiltily tinkering with this game. There are a lot of directions I’d like to explore from here. What happens, for instance, if you create a system which relies on a limited resource such as lumber or fossil fuels? I also have a lot of ideas for generated buildings, roads, etc. which I wanted to include in this project, but I had to hold back or I’d have ended up neglecting my larger projects for weeks. Needless to say, I’d very much like to revisit this territory in the future.
Play Online- Untitled City Game v. 1.0

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