Hi everyone. This is the second in a series of posts about my new dungeon crawler (you can read part 1 here if you missed it). This time around I will talk about some of the characters in the game. These are divided into several factions:

Faction 1: Wild Animals

The murky depths (and non-murky surface regions) of the labyrinth are home to all manner of strange beasts. They have a wide range of natural abilities. For instance, the green and orange segmented creature in the upper left can chew through walls. Another example is the bird in the lower right, which is reborn from its own egg every time it dies. Also worth mentioning is the fearsome lime green duckbeast (pictured center).

Faction 2: Fungoids

In this perilous world dwell a race of intelligent fungoids. They are resourceful opponents which compensate for their inferior numbers by using group tactics, technology, and magic. The network of underground cities, farms, and temples which we encounter on our journey was constructed by this race. Why the dungeons are laid out in such a fashion as to facilitate adventuring, or why they are conveniently stocked with caches of supplies and equipment, is a mystery.

Faction 3: Us

We’re without allies for now, though I plan to add creatures which aide us in various ways.

While many creatures are hostile to us, they also attack members of other factions on sight. This means that there is a fair amount of tactical variation beyond the standard “run into a room and attack a group of monsters” scenario. Sometimes we engage with multiple factions at once, which makes selecting the right targets important. Other times we deal with single faction groups by luring them into territory controlled by a rival faction. And once in a while we blunder into a large battle between rival groups, and the best option is simply to run away screaming and wait until the dust clears.

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