I usually spend most of my creative time making computer games, but recently I’ve been working on a board game. The game is about a group of adventurers navigating an unstable sorcerous labyrinth. During their journey they encounter strange beings, horrible monsters, and treachery most vile.

The game focuses on player interaction. There is a lot of cooperative play, but allegiances shift constantly and there is also a lot of backstabbing.

The world is built out of square rooms. It starts as a single room, but as players explore outward they place new rooms and the labyrinth expands.

In the early days I tested by drawing the world on a single sheet of paper and using scribbly hand made event cards (see above). It was playable but awkward. Now that the rules have settled a bit, I’ve been playtesting the game with friends using the set you see below. I’m doing everything on the cheap: I put stickers on plastic cubes to make custom dice, made playing pieces couple things out of clay, and found some glass counters at the dollar store. Everything else is thrown together on the computer and printed out in black and white. Because everything is paper we can write on the game as we go, making up new rules and rethinking things on the fly. I threw a few blank event cards in the deck too. If someone draws a blank, they get to make up a new event card.

A few of my friends do a monthly board game meet- I’ll bring this along and do some more testing there. I am both excited to see more people playing it and terrified of the flaws they will discover. I’ll post more once the game’s a little further along.

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