Carpet Landscapes

I’ve always loved the terrain in games like Comanche:

It has so much texture to it. At a distance it looks vivid and sharp. Up close, it looks like a sea of luminous rectangles. It looks strangely real and tactile.

Over vacation I played with the idea a bit, and put together a test. Here are some images:

This kind of terrain gives me a few different ideas for games. I’d love to wander around a landscape like this or fly over it. Some day, after I’m done with Love Machine, I’d love to return to this tech and make a game with it.

Mildly techy detail:
This type of tech was often called “voxels” but that’s a bit misleading. It’s actually a based on a 2d image where each pixel’s value determines its height. There’s then a second image which determines each pixel’s color. The terrain is drawn by firing a single fan of rays. It’s more like Doom than voxels. If anyone’s interested in learning more about the tech, there’s a really good explanation here:
And there’s another explanation here:
I’d be happy to discuss ideas or share code if anyone wants to do something with this.

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